A 46-Year-Old Securities Manager Builds A Special Garage For His 1989 Porsche 911

No one wants their special car to sit in an ordinary garage, and Andreas Kummel, a securities manager for a large bank, isn’t an exception. Kummel, 46, comes from Rückersdorf- a suburb of Nuremberg, Germany, and he can get his hands on some extraordinary German machinery.

For a special garage, one would imagine it having limitless impact-resistant surrounding with lifts and attentively arranged toolboxes, maybe a white-and-black checkered floor that’s waxed to shine, cutaway posters, a huge TV to watch your most-liked racing games repeatedly and die-cast cars on shelves.

However, this isn’t the case with Kummel. His primary intention was to view his Porsche 911 in all its glory while seated on the sofa in his house.

For this reason, Kummel got some help from his architect friend, who came up with this garage design custom-made for the car. If you think that a Porsche 911 Speedster is small in size, you’re right. The garage accommodates just the Speedster with space for little else. The garage had to be conically narrowed, have special lighting, panels to drive on (not a regular foundation), as few pillars as possible and frosted glass panels to the street.

The special remote-controlled system, particularly designed to prevent any light refraction or shadows from disturbing the Porsche’s beauty, was put up by Kummel’s brother-in-law, who is a stage and lighting designer, and well-experienced in European theaters.

Before you try checking for the meaning of this obsessive-compulsive disorder, there’s some part of the story that will take it from somewhat creepy to sentimentally fulfilling. When Kummel’s father retired back in 1989, he wanted to own a Speedster, though this dream never came to fruition. But his son, purchasing it several years later and building a home for it was the climax of his father’s dream.

So, when Andreas Kummel returns from work, relaxes on the sofa, and remotely turns on the lighting system to divulge the immaculate Speedster within, it’s not only for the love of the car but also for the love of family.

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