8 Used Sports Cars You Should Avoid Buying at All Costs

Sports Cars you don’t want to own

Acura TL Automatic

Year: 2003

Although Acura TL suffers from “standard” Honda transmission issues, it seems that 2003 is the worst year by far. Whether it’s the conventional 225-hp 3.2L V6 or 260-hp Type-S model, TL’s 4-speed automatic simply doesn’t match the overall quality of the car itself. It can happen after 50k miles or anywhere deep in 100k’s, but you can bet it’ll happen. The transmission failure, that is. Poor transmission design on Honda’s part lead to improper fluid flow, which in turn lead to transmission overheat. Add time and wear into that equation, and you’ll easily figure out why 2003 TL’s auto trans usually ended its journey long before it was supposed to. If used Acura TL is on your radar, better avoid 2003 models. Or better yet, buy one with the manual. It’s a performance car after all, and tall gear ratio of TL’s automatic doesn’t help it perform better either.

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