8 Used Sports Cars You Should Avoid Buying at All Costs

Sports Cars you don’t want to own

Buying a sports or performance car doesn’t have to be that great of a hit on the budget. Japanese imports are affordable, reliable and usually rather good in performance part as well. They aren’t your only option, however. Although luxury brands like Cadillac, Lexus, Acura and their German counterparts cost a lot, shopping for a used car gives us the opportunity to come out on the better side of the bargain.

But how reliable are they actually? Especially after taking their age into equation. While every car demands some repairs here and there, some of them are known to do that on a regular basis. Sports and performance cars are somewhat unique in that respect, so they usually require more attention than others. That’s another potential pitfall when buying a used sports car. You never know who drove it before you and how they treated the car. While that’s something we can’t help you with, here’s something we can do for you. The list of cars and their model year runs you should probably avoid given their reputation and set of well documented issues.

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