8 Female Racers Hotter than Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick Might Own the Spotlight, but She’s got Nothing on These Fine Ladies of Motorsport

Inessa Tushkanova

OK, Inessa has posed for Playboy in Eastern Europe. Ok, Inessa has posed for Playboy several times in Eastern Europe. But she’s also a damn good rally driver. She’s won a few rallies in Russia, but is now driving in the Finnish Rally Championship.  And if you want to compete against the best, then Finland is your place, I mean the country has produced drivers like Marcus Grönholm,  Tommi Mäkinen and Juha Kankkunen who, with others, have delivered 13 Drivers’ World Rally Championships to Finland. Yep, it’s the right place to learn.

You can check out some of Inessa’s early rally driving in the video below. Her speed and car control are at least as impressive as her Playboy spreads.

Inessa Tushkanova


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