8 Female Racers Hotter than Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick Might Own the Spotlight, but She’s got Nothing on These Fine Ladies of Motorsport

Jessica Barton

Jessica Barton is a model, an actress, and a serious import drag racer. She’s not driving some wimpy FWD Civic, but a full-on fire-breathing¬† Toyota Supra that produces 1,165 horsepower at the rear wheels. Her best run to date was at the 2011 US Army World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway, where she set an E.T. of 8.64 and a top speed of 170.88 miles per hour. Sadly, in 2013 the Supra was stolen and stripped of any parts of value and hen chopped into pieces. What was left of the car was recovered along with some personal belongings. Jessica estimated that she’d spent at least $150,000 on the car. Jessica is hoping to recover as much of the car as possible but in the meantime is focusing on her acting and modeling career.

Jessica Barton in front of a Toyota Supra




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