8 Cars With The Most Lemon Complaints


You may not be aware of the lemon laws. They are state laws that require that an automobile manufacturer provide restitution to owners of cars that have been deemed a lemon. The lemon classification is given to automobiles that have been found to be defective, with reoccurring problems that happen over a short period of time.

“Most states deem a vehicle a lemon when it has been out of service more than three or four times,” explained Steve Lehto, a lemon law attorney based in Michigan.

When a car is found to be a lemon, the automaker is required to reimburse the owner of his or her down payment, all monthly payments, the current registration fee, and any outstanding balance left on the loan of the vehicle. The vehicle is returned to the manufacturer who then brands the title as a lemon law buyback.

The editorial staff of AutoGuide, an automotive website that provides news and reviews of automobiles, has created its first annual Lemon List. The list identifies cars that have received the most reported lemon complaints.

AutoGuide compiled the list based on members’ complaints submitted to more than 500 forums that are maintained by AutoGuide Group.

Gear Heads has done research and has identified the problems each car has based on state lemon law reviews.


Here are the 8 cars with the most reported lemon complaints.


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