730 Horsepower Revealed As Lamborghini Aventador S Is Unveiled

It seems like December has been a bad month for seeing irresponsible drivers wrecking Lamborghini Aventadors. That’s why it’s good news to see the company updating the super car with the prestigious S classification. This has been used in the past to mark models that have been improved such as the Countach S as well as the Miuria S.

Greater Power

Under the hood we have a V12 with a huge 6.5L of displacement making 730 horsepower. That’s an increase of 39hp which also sees the torque output touching on 509 pound feet. This engine also features cylinder deactivation tech to increase its fuel mileage performance in low RPM ranges.

The maximum rev range has been slightly increased from 8350 to 8500, taking away some of the self imposed limits. A 20% decrease in the weight of the exhaust system leans towards a better power to weight ratio. The timing of the valves has also been reworked in order to boost maximum output.

Mechanical And Aerodynamic Improvements

Earlier versions of the Aventador were known to buck and jump forward a little for inexperienced drivers. This was mainly a low speed problem caused by a sensitive ISR transmission. While the S model is using the same version as the base Aventador, we hope that this is being addressed.

The Aventador SuperVeloce has donated its magnetic dampers to better control road feel and suspension response. Four wheel steering offers the opportunity to have more precise turns and make the car easier to handle.

The wing and diffuser at the rear of the car work together increase downforce as well as reducing drag. The splitter in the front has been stretched out along with the longer nose. These combine with existing factors for a 130% increase in downforce on the front end and 50% at the rear. Drag has reportedly been reduced by 400% from the standard Aventador model.

Performance Numbers

Coming in with a curb weight of 3472 pounds, the Lamborghini Aventador S comes in at the same weight as its predecessor. This means that its 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds still stands as well as its 217mph top speed. It only takes 101 feet from a dead stop to launch this raging bull to hit the 60mph mark.

The focus of the Aventador S has been the handling performance of the car rather than its raw power. The handling and stability improvements above are just the beginning. Pirelli supplies specially designed P Zero tires meant to reduce understeer and increase lateral acceleration. Carbon ceramic brake discs also come into play to slow and stop the Aventador S much faster than before.

Optional Upgrades

Ego mode has been added to the range of driving modes that are available for drivers to customize. This mode allows the person at the wheel to pick and choose their settings instead of picking a prepackaged one. An example of a choice that can be made is directing up to 90% of the torque to the rear wheels only. All wheel drive, transmission, engine, as well as suspension and steering setting are also included.

The infotainment system from the Centenario is also a pick that can be made for the Aventador S. This works with the optional performance data recorder as well as in-car internet and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Right now, there are only renders available until the car is unveiled in March 2017 at the Geneva Auto Show. US pricing is currently set at $421,350 which is reasonable for this class of automobile. Deliveries of the Lamborghini Aventador S are set to begin in spring of 2018.

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