7 Of The Absolutely Worst Muscle Cars Ever Built

1978 AMC Gremlin GT
When it was launched, the Gremlin was truly polarizing: some loved the design, some hated it. In fact, originally the design called for a longer hood and a lower roof that transformed its appearance, but that’s a story for another day.
By 1978 AMC’s Gremlin had been around for eight model years, and even its supports were getting a bit tired of the design.  Gremlin production would end, to be replaced by the Spirit. As a send off,  AMC designers created the GT with fat fender flares, spoilers, body-colored bumpers, and wide 14-inch wheels with outline white letter tires. The interior was upgraded as well. Unfortunately, the 304 V-8 had been dropped from the Gremlin the year before (not that it was a great performer) and instead was stuck with the company’s 4.2-liter inline six-cylinder.


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