550hp Lebanon Ford Mustang Ecoboost For 33 Grand Is Real

Lebanon Ford will sell you all-new tuned up 550hp Ford Mustang EcoBoost For $33,000

We live in day and age when $33 grand can get you a new 550hp Mustang which can run a quarter of a mile between 11.2 and 11.7 seconds. We are not joking. Ohio dealer Lebanon Ford just made an offer hard to refuse – an all-new Ford Mustang EcoBoost with a full on tune up to 550hp and all that for $33,000.

Lebanon Ford Gives Massive upgrades for the Mustang EcoBoost

Lebanon Ford Mustang EcoBoost

Expectedly, stock 2.3 L EcoBoost had to be dramatically improved. It received a larger Borg-Warner turbocharger, a bigger intercooler, and a Cobb Accessport used to flash the ECU. A lot of gear for not a lof of money really. Sure, the warranty is a not go after this installation, but, believe it or not, Lebanon Ford offers you to finance this purchase. Just like you are buying a regular car. How cool is that!?

Expectedly, this is not all, the technicians from the dealership do recommend the purchase of the $1,995 EcoBoost Performance Package which gets you bigger wheels, modified chassis tuning, better cooling and reprogramed automatic transmission. Actually, this EcoBoost is available with the manual and automatic as well.

Last year, the same dealer did offer that mad 727hp supercharged Mustang for 40 grand. Now they are making headlines with the 550 HP Ford Mustang EcoBoost.

Apart from selling touched up car, Lebanon Ford will actually tune up your Mustang as well. See, if you drive in your ‘Stang Ecoboost, they will install the performance kit for $7699. And they let you finance this installation too. So, if you are desperate to have 550hp Ford Mustang, go for the finance right now.

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