5.7L Hemi and NOS Powered “Vapor” Challenger Headed To Auction

Advertising campaigns that use vehicles can sometimes get weird. The custom 2009 Dodge Challenger, codenamed “Vapor”, is the result of a USAF partnership with Galpin Auto Sports. It may have a stealth look to it but the high tech, Hemi powered muscle car is anything but that.

High Tech Additions

The point of this entire build was to showcase the technology that makes the USAF unrivaled. It was the center piece in a recruitment drive so it had to come loaded with high tech electronic features.  Packed into the capabilities of this car are an Intel i5 processor and a 120GB SSD as well as a Mini IXT.

Images can be projected on the windshield for the occupants thanks to the roof mounted camera. This has a full 360 degrees of rotation as well as thermal imaging capabilities to see everything. A removable panel in the car allows it to be controlled remotely from anywhere on Earth. Self diagnostic software comes built into the car, making it easy to prevent upcoming issues and fix unexpected problems.

One of a Kind Custom Build

The exterior is coated in nothing but stealth black which is fitting for the overall look of the vehicle. The doors on the 2009 Dodge Challenger are swing ups that tuck nicely into the custom wide body kit. The trim tabs on the car are all designed for aerodynamic performance as well as an aggressive look. Vapor also sits on a set of one of a kind 20 inch wheels that were custom made for this build.

On the inside are vinyl door panels and upholstery that simulated carbon fiber. Dual steering wheels allow for drivers to trade off duties seamlessly while still leaving room for two display screens. A virtual cluster for the instruments is flanked by Air Force inspired manual overrides switches for almost every feature.

Under the Hood

The hood is a custom made shaker style and it conceals the roaring 5.7L Hemi underneath. That much power should make enough noise to cancel out any stealth abilities the car may have. However, switching from normal to silent exhaust mode is said to let it run without a sound.

Last but not least is the simulated missile bay that packs in quite a bit more power. Five hidden NOS tube canisters are flanked by four miniature A 200 Stinger missile replicas. When not in use, closable hatches hide the missiles and NOS to give the area a seamless look and expose the speakers.

Russo & Steele Auctions is handling the sale but there’s no publicly available prices at the moment. We look forward to seeing how much this unique piece of US Air Force and Galpin Auto Sports work goes for. Let us know in the comments below what you think the grand total will be at the end of the auction.

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