26 Year Old Totals Rented Ferrari

This wrecked Ferrari is getting someone in trouble

In the late 80’s, there was this popular video game entitled OutRun. The idea is to floor your Ferrari to impress your lady passenger. However, if you push the car too hard, it will cause the Ferrari to flip, ejecting the driver and passenger. If you haven’t ever played the game, it’s not that horrible as it sounds. It’s actually designed to be comical and with 80’s graphics.

This 26-year old guy, probably a hot-head, rented a Ferrari 458. With a V8-powered engine, it’s truly a beast. The guy was part of a convoy with 2 other supercars. Probably, his idea was to be a part of the convoy, while impressing a “lady friend”. Hey, hitting two birds with one stone is always a great idea. Unfortunately, arrogance, inexperience, and testosterone do not mix well.

Despite the plea of the “lady friend”, the driver floors the Ferrari which is definitely a common rookie mistake for many first-time supercar drivers. Long story short – he made a disastrous mistake of misestimating a tight bend. The Ferrari 458 then understeers, sending the Ferrari to the guardrail.

According to a Reddit user known as alexbro001, the entry speed of such a tight turn should be around 30 mph. Alexbro001 used to work for a company that owns a lot of 458s. So, let’s take his word for it.

Well, the driver approached the bend at nearly 3 times the recommended speed approach. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the accident. However, we can’t say the same for the driver’s pockets. The Ferrari suffered serious damages – airbags deployed and structural damages. It’s estimated that the repair cost would go up to $270,000. Well, that’s a high price to pay for one important lesson – OutRun is a not an accurate portrayal of real life which probably isn’t worth a wrecked ferrari

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