2018 Ford Mustang Brochure With All Available Features Leaked

New Mustang’s optional features and packages are now known

2018 Ford Mustang won’t be out until this fall, but thanks to vigilant members of the MustangG6 forum and Mustang fleet brochure that they leaked, potential buyers already know what to expect from it. And, now, so do we. Here’s the short summary.

For starters, new Mustang will now be offered in no less than 11 exterior color options. This means it has three all new options including Orange Fury Metallic Tri-coat, Royal Crimson Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, and Kona Blue. Interior won’t be as diverse, but at least new Midnight Blue scheme is about to join the current quartet of Ceramic, Tan, Ebony and Showstopper Red. Interior will also receive new, Ford GT-inspired infotainment display and pulsing start button which flashes every two seconds. That’s exactly the pace of adult mustang’s (the horse) heart while in the state of resting.

Dimensions and capacities have remained mostly intact, but mostly means there are some almost invisible changes. New Mustang’s length has been increased by 0.2 inches from 188.3 to 188.5. At the same time, maximum front leg room is now 0.6 inches longer. It grew from 44.5 to 45.1 inches. However, convertible’s passenger volume has shrunk unnoticeably, from 79.3 to 79.2 cubic inches.

You are probably already aware of Mustang V6 engine’s demise. 2018 year model will do with 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder and 5.0L V8 alone. Just like it does in Europe. Their output numbers, however, will grow. Four banger should sport more torque thanks to the limited-duration overboost function. On the other hand, V8 will benefit from increased compression and a dual injector setups. This should increase both the horsepower and torque outputs.

Speaking of Europe, Mustang can’t exactly boast with stellar performance on their crash tests. NCAP rated the car with only two out of five stars. This might be the reason why 2018 Ford Mustang now sports a lengthy optional safety features list. These include forward collision warning, lane-keeping assist, reverse sensing system, adaptive cruise control, and pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection.

The rest of the changes include both the new optional 10-speed automatic and reworked 6-speed manual. While manual gets a twin-disk clutch and a dual-mass flywheel, it’s the auto that catches our attention. Developed jointly with GM, it means Mustang and Camaro will share it among themselves. Apart from that, 2018 Ford Mustang only gets some visual changes and 8 new available package groups. Visual changes consist of 12 total wheel designs (10 of which are new), new offset stripe that’s coming with Wheel & Stripe Package (60W), and other aerodynamic cosmetic updates. More should be known when new Mustang’s official release date draws closer.

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