2017’s Most Fuel Efficient IC Vehicle: Diesel Powered Chevy Cruze

Chevrolet is proving that it doesn’t take a hybrid or an electric vehicle to get great fuel mileage. The diesel powered 2017 Chevy Cruze is coming in with amazing mpg ratings and dependability. After much testing, the EPA’s results are showing rather amazing results.

Great MPG, Long Single Tank Range

The Cruze Diesel is taking on 2017 with a single tank promising up to 702 highway miles. That boils out to 52mpg coming out of the testing phase and setting owners up for fuel savings.

This means that the already dependable model is becoming more of an attractive sedan to own. When tested in city conditions, the car gave back a still impressive 30mpg. The combined total for the two gives an overall of 37mpg which is a great improvement for 2017.

Under the Hood

Powering this long range diesel is an inline 1.6L turbodiesel from the Ecotec family of engines. This gives the sedan 137 horsepower as well as 240 pound feet of torque. This engine can move its power with the buyer’s choice of two transmission choices.

The six speed manual is the standard choice while the Hydra-Matic nine speed automatic is a new pick. Taking the option of the new auto transmission also grants stop/start technology to the driver. Pricing starts at $24,670 after the destination fee is added which makes the Cruze Diesel even more appealing.

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