2017 Rezvani Beast Alpha Looks Mean, Especially With Open Doors

Rezvani Motors came with a big one at the LA Auto Show. This is the 2017 Rezvani Beast Alpha and while it may look like the coupe version of the Rezvani Beast we saw earlier, technically it isn’t. See, while the original Beast uses the basis of an Ariel Atom, this one also visits Britain but to borrow a Lotus-engineered chassis made of aluminum. Two very different designs indeed, but the end result is strangely similar. This one looks as beastly as the Beast, so it probably retained that part of the name too.


The differences are obvious. This is a coupe. Actually, not a coupe in its purest sense as the roof here is of Targa design – you can remove it with your hands. Yes, hands. Regardless, despite the Lotus architecture, the aluminum, and the carbon body kept the weight down. 1950 lbs car here. To keep it that low no massive engine could get inside. So, a Honda sourced 2.4 liter found its way in. Only, this time around it had its supercharger (as in the Beast), replaced by a turbocharger.


Then Rezvani Motors finished porting cylinder heads, crafted custom camshafts, remapped the ECU, installed stronger pistons and rods and called it a day. Well, not really, as they mated it all with a six-speed manual (or automatic for that matter). The 500hp engine is easily powerful enough for supercar-like performance. Quick could be its name. With the manual 60 comes in 3.5 seconds. Opt for automatic (actually sequential gearbox) and you get a 0.3-second bonus. Neat. Top speed? 175 mph. Not Ferrari-like, but cmon, it’ll do wonders on the track either way.


Rezvani Motors obviously crafted this car so someone would actually buy it and drive it in the city. It has all the necessary creature comforts for it. Airbag? Check. Air-con? Check. Apple Carplay and Android Auto? Check. Wait, what?


You’ve read it right. It has some sort of an infotainment system, probably sourced from some aftermarket supplier, but who really cares?! What we do care about are the doors. Look at how they open! They sort-of slide their way to the front end of a car on rather massive hinges. We do not have a clue if this is actually easy to open or reach out to close from the comfort of leather wrapped bucket seats, but it does look awesome. And that is what it is supposed to look like. We can occasionally handle a cramp in the lower back to look this good, can’t we!?


The door design even has a new name – SideWinder and it is, at least in part, a brainchild of the Rezvani Beast Alpha designer Samir Sadikhov. We are not sure if anyone will buy out the patent for them, but it must be said – these doors look awesome and are something new in the world of supercar door design. Other interior luxuries include a digital dash behind the steering wheel. It is inspired by racing instrument panels usually seen on racing cars. Only it is a bit more modern and refined for this use. Then there is all the leather and the Alcantara. It covers all the pieces that one may found repulsive. And if you ever peeked into the Lotus Elise you may find a few you might. Yes, it is based on the Lotus Elise architecture, so they had to Alcantara-everything trying to justify its $200,000 price tag.


All in all, the Rezvani Beast Alpha is quite an awesome Rezvani Motors effort to sell expensive cars. It is fast, it is cool looking and has insane doors. If you have a gun ready to shoot, would you pull a 200 grand trigger at it?

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