2017 Mercedes CLS Final Edition As The Last Hurrah For The Well Known Benz

Looks like the end of the line for the Mercedes CLS

New generation cars are upon us. The 2017 Porsche Panamera is already here, we already said goodbye to the BMW 5 series and the M5, and now, the time has come to say goodbye to the Mercedes-Benz CLS. More or less, next generation of these cars probably represents the last of what we are used to referring to as an automobile. They too will be powered by petrol or diesel engines, they will have all the driving controls which actually let you drive, but they will actually link us with the world of tomorrow. We are talking about electric versions and semi-autonomous driving systems. Thus, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLS Final Edition, more or less, says goodbye to the stuff we are accustomed to.


And Mercedes-Benz does not only say farewell to the CLS, it does so to the CLS Shooting Brake as well. The three pictures they have revealed show the Final Edition cars and they certainly look sharp. Special stuff about them includes an AMG Line exterior pack. This adds a new diamond grille. Actually, this is an old Mercedes-Benz feature (it may be they have revealed it with the A-class concept back in 2011) but it certainly looks awesome even after all these years. AMG Line gives the CLS and the CLS Shooting Brake sporty front and rear bumpers, twin exhaust tips at the back and deeper side panels. A car definitely looks quite more sinister with this than without. Rounding the exterior changes of are the 19-inch black wheels or 18-inch silver ones. Neat.


Of course, let us not forget the Final Edition plaques. After all, everyone has to know that this is not just your another CLS.

The inside does not give any radically different aura or ambiance. The car is very Mercedes-like – large and comfy, but it does feature new stitchings, best seats, silver shift paddles and flat-bottomed steering wheel. Nice touch in this time and age when everyone offers almost the same.


As you may have noticed, the Final Edition is not much different than the car anyone could spec out in the showroom, but it has some appeal to it because of that “Final Edition” plaque. Regardless, you apparently won’t be able to get one. All we know up to this moment is that it is available only for the European market and that for a $9,131 price hike compared to the “normal” CLS and the CLS Shooting Break.

The new car is in the development and it will surely be an awesome thing, both to look at and to drive. After all, it has to go against that fantastic 2017 Porsche Panamera and that one is a tough act to follow. As for the Shooting Brake wagon, it will not survive. Mercedes-Benz had a lot of problems selling them, so for the next get CLS, the sporty four-door coupe (don’t give us hate for this, it is kinda coupe…ish) will be the only option. AMG? Yes! AMG CLS 43 4Matic? Probably! 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS hybrid? Sure! Autonomous drive? Not quite there yet.

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