2017 Jeep JK Scrambler Truck Is Official

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It seems that Fiat-Chrysler has wizened up to the masses and quit pumping money into stupid little gas sipping cars nobody wants, and into JEEPS! We all love jeeps and trucks and some of us love diesels too. So why the heck not combine them all for a cacophony of crawling power and versatility. Yes fellow gearheads, the Scrambler will be back on the road as a 2017 model.

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Now currently there are conversions done by aftermarket companies like AEV and others in order to make a current JK into a Brute or Scrambler or whatever. The problem is that they start at $41k and that is WITHOUT the donor vehicle! So it is quite expensive if you wish to have a truck jeep. The reason is that they have so drill out spot welds and and disassemble the whole back end and fenders in order to make way for the bed and rear cabin panels. So it is a labor intensive effort to say the least.

2017 Jeep Scrambler Truck JK Gearheads


Fiat-Chrysler is pleading for GM to merge/buy them and I don’t know how that will all go down although it is safe to say that the Jeeps, Chargers and Challengers are hits and that they will continue to exist in the future. But with the Jeep popularity and the lack of “midsize” trucks is reason to see why there is the possibility of a niche market there. So kudos to Fiat-Chrysler for making this Scrambler a conversion and we hope to rock-crawl one here soon.

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