2017 BMW 5 Series Touring (G31) As The Best Wagon Of Today?

The BMW 5 Series Touring Will Be Tough Competition

This is the G31. For those who know something about BMW, this is a new 5 series Touring – the one we have been waiting for since the introduction of the G30 a few months ago. This may well be the ultimate family car as an ultimate driving machine. It is long, massive, has all-wheel drive and a lot of impressive tech inside. One question remains- would you ever need an SUV next to it!?

Nevertheless, the G31 5 series Touring only has a new rear end and a bit more space inside. Obviously, the boot got a lot of boost in terms of free space. With rear seats up the car has more than 20 cubic feet of boot capacity. Lowering them frees up additional 40. That’s huge. And one can use it too. See, BMW significantly increased the permissible load to 1,587-1,609 lbs. This is an improvement of more than 250 lbs compared to the Sedan.

Thankfully, the Touring uses up all the tech of the sedan. This means that aluminum rich CLAR platform slashes the weight. BMW was not precise in saying how much, but be sure the car will feel nimbler and sharper compared to the predecessor despite its bigger size. And it will feel safer too. See, tech sourced from the 7 series includes automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. These will, basically drive the car on their own braking and setting of when needed. Of course, this works best on the highway.

BMW focused on convenience as well. In that regard, the 5 Series Touring has rear self-leveling air suspension. Loading up the stuff at the back won’t become any easier. And then, there is the whole set of smart additional equipment for the boot. Shelves, separators, safety grid and other. Just imagine it and it can be there. But, as it always was, the Beemer is all about driving experience and that stuff. So, one can have an all-wheel drive – xDrive of course. It can also get a six cylinder engine 340 hp. It’s called the 540i xDrive Touring – the most powerful and the fastest at this point of time. It would be nice to see the M550xi Touring, though.

On the other hand, big sellers will be the 530i with a 252hp two-liter engine, 520d and 530d with 190hp and 265hp respectively. Eight-speed transmission standard, of course. Six-speed manual comes only with the 520d.

BMW will release the new car to the public at the Geneva Motor Show. Expect much more versions later this year as well.

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