2016 Chevy Blazer K-5 Is In Your Hands

We love everything about vehicles here at Gearheads but today, we just might help get the 2016 Chevy Blazer built. Dealing with insiders and often times having to resort to unsettling tactics (Thanks Misty & Cinnamon) to get individuals to leak us information gets us news from behind closed doors. The word is that GM is looking to re-expand its SUV lineup due to the influx of oil production and the steady rise in the economy equaling better sales for bigger vehicles. So the word Blazer has now become a common term around GM offices as they hope to bring either a Full-Size 2-dr Blazer 4th Gen K-5 based heavily off the Tahoe or more likely a 2 and 4-door “S-10” version based off the upcoming Colorado platform. What we have photos of are the Z71 versions with upgraded suspensions, etc.2016-chevrolet-Blazer 2 door Z71 Gearheads


The marketers at GM are looking into a reintroduction of the name plate and thanks to our individual inside we got to get our hands on some final renderings in the board rooms. The problem is that it is not certain for production and we need YOUR help to get this vehicle built. We need you, our fellow GearHead to spread the word about this by sharing with your friends and let GM see that there is a great demand for a vehicle like this.


The company knows that we want to swing back from that Crossover nightmare and come back to true off-road capabilities as there are still many of us out there that need a true 4×4. And even more well known is that we don’t want to pay 50k for a “soccermom” 2WD grass-guzzler. Powertrain lingo is that a Diesel version is in the talks as well as an 8-speed transmission. HD axles and various other components are all being discussed and what seems to be the case is a tried and true 4×4 system linked up to various Diesel and High-Output V6’s that have a high rate of low-end torque.2016-chevrolet-Blazer 4-door

All this information is given to you the same as how we received it so don’t start in on us with your ridicule (That is just shooting the messenger). But if you like what your read and see then share it with your fellow Chevy fans and let’s get this thing built!

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