2016 Bentley Continental And Bentley Flying Spur Became Just A Bit More Perfect

Whether you like the Bentley or not, you cannot argue that they are producing some of the most technologically advanced cars in the world. With a mighty Volkswagen behind their back, Bentley succeeded to be at the forefront of the industry in recent years, with products such as Continental, Continental GT, Arnage, and other. Now, they are making one more step toward perfection with the introduction of their 2016 Continental GT and Flying Spur.


The Continental really is full fledged Bentley. It’s large, it’s not light, it is powered by a 12 cylinder engine and it rolls on 21 inch rims. Now, Volkswagen and Audi who source their technology to Bentley had to make the car a bit more advanced. Latest generation, revealed some time in 2013 received a V8 engine, which sparkled the fury in the old Bentley fans who thought that such a small engine in it would be a sacrilege. However, Audi built twin turbo V8 with 510 HP is a hell of an engine. For the 2016 Bentley Continental GT, the engine is slightly improved thus providing even less pollutants and better fuel efficiency for the large coupe and sedan.



Other changes for the 2016 model include a revised front grille, better designed bumpers, new wheels and bigger went for the engine. Honestly, even if you drive last years car no one will really notice these changes. What they might notice though are the new 20 inch and 21 inch wheels and totally different rear bumper. Honestly, Bentley became slightly more appealing (like it wasn’t before) and sporty.


Interior carries the same story. Minor changes include new steering wheel, bigger transmission paddles behind it, as well as redesigned buttons on the dash and a few new decoration elements that show just how special the 2016 Continental or Flying Spur indeed is. More important than all of that is a whole new storage compartment located at the center of the rear seats. It nicely divides the seats and elegantly makes a four seater of this car.


Back to engines. The biggest W12 with the capacity of 6 liters is garnished with two turbos is refined and more powerful in its latest iteration. Maximum output has been risen from 575 HP to 590 HP and 531 lb ft of torque which is almost the same what you could get from the Ferrari 458 Speciale A (and that is wickedly fast car). However, this W12 has a rather interesting feature. While costing and not using its full potential, Bentley simply turns of the combustion process in six of its twelve cylinders thus considerably lowering fuel consumption. Overall, the consumption and CO2 emissions have been lowered by 5 percent which is a rather impressive achievement. At the same time, the acceleration and top speed have risen slightly.


Sporty credentials are not corrupted by lowering consumption. Bentley will still be Bentley and tens of different versions of Continental and Flying Spur will remain in the special luxury niche liked by many. Once, the math has been done about car owners and it turns out that average Bentley owner has eight cars (which is appalling if you consider that average Bugatti owner has 84 cars) and you can bet that none of them are cheap. So, Bentley has a rather large and devoted clientele which will enjoy the newest Coupes, Convertibles and sedans more than you will for sure.


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