’15 And ’16 Kawasaki ZX-10Rs vs 1000HP Nissan 240SX!

From a rolling start, one things for sure: the 2016 stock ZX-10R is no match for the full on modified “bolt on” and remapped ECU 2015 model. Even with 197hp to play with, the 2016 model is no match for the weapon that is the 2015. Even so, the Nissan 240SX has some grunt of its own, with a Toyota 2JZ engine that produces over 1000hp at the wheels.

Like we mentioned above: the black 2016 ZX-10R is bone stock; the 2015 model comes with pretty much every performance upgrade in the catalog – but the Nissan is packing some serious modifications too. Apart from the Real Street Built 2JZ-RS1200 engine, the Nissan boasts:

  • Manley internals
  • ATFSPEED.COM Built factory Toyota trans(A340E)
  • Power House Racing S45 twin scroll turbo manifold
  • porting solutions ported head
  • Stock intake manifold (modified)
  • Stock suspension
  • Stock q45 rear
  • Full weight
  • E85 fuel
  • Dual Walbro fuel pumps w/KB Boostapump


It’s a hell of a car, but I’d still take the ZX-10R if I was given the choice. Either the 2015 or 2016 model, modded or stock. Although, I’d probably wear some more appropriate attire for the situation though…

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