2013 Dodge Grand Caravan: The New Tailgating Vehicle?

Since making its debut in 1987, the Dodge Grand Caravan has been one of the most sought after family vehicles. Drive down any highway and you will see an abundance of them just screaming out their presence. While it certainly isn’t the most attractive minivan – and really how attractive can a minivan be?? – it certainly does its job getting all your screaming kids from one place to the next. With its Stow-n-Go seats, it is a versatile vehicle in more ways than one.


One of the reasons why this van is so popular is the fact that despite its grand size, it offers reasonable gas mileage – up to 25 mpg on the highway – with its 3.6 Liter, six speed automatic transmission engine. Front wheel drive is the only option, all-wheel drive does not look like it will be making a debut anytime soon on this model.

It contains three rows of seats, with the second and third rows containing Stow-n-Go seats that fold directly into the floor. Making room is easy as is adding extra seating for the boys’ soccer team that you plan to transport.


Like many other versions of the Grand Caravan, this one is not without its problems. Several recalls have plagued the vehicle and turned buyers off. However, the recalls seem to be dissipating, if only a little – time will tell whether the 2013 Grand Caravan is less problematic than the ones of years prior.

Those who already own this year’s model have been complaining about the less than sturdy build of the car itself, claiming that it is easily dented. There’s a good solution for that – don’t hit anything. Those seeking value in the exterior design of a car are better looking elsewhere, but for the price tag of the Grand Caravan – $19,745 – $28,545 – it is not worth the oversight.

2013 grand caravan


Additional Features

Two versions of the minivan – Crew and R/T – offer a rear seat entertainment package to keep both children and adults alike entertained on long rides. The entertainment packages now include Blu-ray players, which we all knew was coming…it was only a matter of time before they hit these popular family minivans. The addition of portable Wi-Fi unit can actually turn the car into a rolling hot spot for connection. It is definitely not recommended that you try to use your laptop while driving despite the fact that there are no laws in place against it, yet.

In addition – it makes the perfect vehicle to take to a tailgating party. What? Really? Yes, people, the back of the Dodge Grand Caravan contain seats that you can swivel 180 degrees. Imagine sitting in the parking lot at the stadium and actually being able to use your car for extra seating. It may not be the showiest car, but after all that eating you plan to do, you’ll definitely appreciate the seats.

Final Verdict

The Jury is still out on this make, but it is not affecting the sales. Each year, it appears that sales increase dramatically on this vehicle and that must be a good thing. If you are in the market for a family minivan, the 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan might just be the one you need.

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