2012 Lamborghini Aventador

Among the cars presented in the Geneva motor show 2011, the Aventador attracted a lot of eyes to its inborn power and the name itself. I was interested in the Aventador partly because Lamborghini chose the name of a bull that got the Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera trophy after a courageous fight in the 1992 Spanish bullfight. Cool huh? The F1 technology used in the suspension makes it quite advanced from the other same genre cars. When logic comes to action, I felt like Lamborghini wanted to give a compliment to its limited edition Reventon model by implementing its design concepts into Aventador. Some may feel more attached to the Estoque concept car, which has a same design structure.
It takes hardly three seconds to reach a speed of sixty miles per hour starting from zero. The attainable maximum speed is two hundred and seventeen miles per hour. It is a wonder that roads which withhold this acceleration rarely exist in the congested cities. Driving this car in a free lane is really exciting. It imitates the previous version Murciélago in every crawl. The roof is more strong and reliable as this time Lamborghini made the roof and tub in two fragments and dissolved into one to gain an extra edge of strength. The main material is the old carbon fiber moncoque.
The outside eye contact with its natural swing is not too easy because of the window-slit position. The rear view mirror sometimes feels to be overlapping the front view especially in hairpin roads on heavy driving. Again, the admirable part is the suspension that keeps the car in the grasp of the steering offering a smooth driving even in the worst roads.
The 691 hp strength delivers a torque of 509 lb feet, which could make us, fly through the roads. The 4rth generation traction and balancing system provides a superior quality balance and handling even in the highest speed, which gave me the feeling of a weightless levitation. Its superior aerodynamics may be the reason. This amazing machine is 4.78 meters long with a breadth of 2.26 meters and 1.136 meters high. The lamps are beautifully integrated to streamline the perfection of the design. The lights are drawn like a Y manner in which the powerful LED lights extents to the side to form signal lights. While driving through an inevitable congestion they really represent our requirements cutely.
The security features are convincing. The ABS , electronic braking and ESP stability systems are the signatures of Lamborghini. When safety is ensured, nothing can stop an enthusiastic from exploring the leashed powers of 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. The driving experience in a 2012 Lamborghini is nothing more than a flying experience. It was a splendid effect when I felt my activity rate grown to high and time falls back with the high torque I achieved. When speed is packed in a strong aesthetic machine, nothing can stop us from savoring it. The speed and power was just alleviating the friction from my hands to mind.

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