1992 Ford Mustang’s Stock Engine Wows Outlaw Racing

Although Shawn Bryson and Daniel Moncrief are known for building cars with speed, people have a tough time believing this 1992 Ford Mustang‘s engine is stock. In fact, when it comes to stock bottom-end LS engines, this particular muscle car has set the record for the fastest eighth mile. While the turbocharged 5.3L engine is impressive all on its own, it took some extra oomph at South Georgia Motorsports Park to achieve that record of 4.83 seconds at 151 mph.


Most of the time, Bryson and Moncrief race their prized Mustang at Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip, the closest Outlaw 275 drag-radial hot spot. It got quite a bit of attention for two entire seasons until certain parts of the engine finally gave way. Although this is an ideal opportunity for the pair to beef up what lies beneath the Mustang’s hood, Bryson and Moncrief want to stay true to the stock roots that have brought their success thus far.


The aluminum-block L33 5.3L engine that catapulted this 1992 Ford Mustang into Outlaw racing glory was originally a junkyard find. The short-block was reworked using only stock components and uses King bearings, ARP fasteners, and a ported stock oil pump. Extra power comes from the addition of a Forced Induction Solutions ETR-HO 88mm turbocharger.


The engine, however, isn’t the only cool thing about this speedy Mustang. It also sports a bulletproof Rossler Terminator IV automatic transmission, a custom 8.8 Lyons Custom Motorsports rear end, and the body came entirely free from the duo’s friend, Paul Hood. To top everything off, they had it painted Sunset Orange Metallic in PPG materials.


On the inside lies a fiberglass dash, roll cage, Kirkey race seats, and a quick-release steering wheel. The spunky Mustang performed at its best with Aaron Allen in the cockpit with the best e.t. of 4.83 and 151 mph that set the world speed record for racing of its kind.


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