1968 Mustang GT 500 Goes Above And Beyond With 1000 Horsepower

There’s nothing wrong with the Coyote engine and it always gets us excited when one gets a proper restoration. Brennon Hope needed and wanted more from the 1968 Mustang that he was restoring. That desire culminated in a specially designed racer with 1000 horsepower and extreme racing modifications.

Engine and Powertrain

When it came to starting his build, Brennon was looking to tackle any event he could get an entry to. This means he was looking for a flexible setup for autocross and standing miles. He also wanted to have an optimal setup for quarter miles and road courses. To make it all happen, he needed new tech with dependable performance and event adjustable settings.

This led to him going the route of a twin turbo setup to give a power band for various purposes. After seven years and custom builds everywhere under the hood, he came to a rest at 1000 horsepower. This all goes to the rear wheels in a respectable way, through a six speed manual transmission.

Interior and Safety

On the inside we immediately notice the Trams Am spec roll cage that makes sure Brennon will be safe. He also has a built in fire suppression system as well as a custom fuel tank build. The 32 gallon fuel cell has been pushed all the way to the back for safety and rear wheel weight. Flanking this are the twin Optima batteries because this made more room under the hood.

While Brennon’s focus in his build was function, the classic exterior and spotless interior give it great form. Corbeau seats are wrapped in suede and leather with a Sparco five point harness secured to the cage. Fromk here, everything else is also custom made and fitted such as door panels and gauges as well as the steering column.

Exterior and Suspension

Supporting it all is an RRS suspension system coming from all the way down under in Australia. They also supplied the rack and pinion steering and rear coilovers paired with a Watts torque arm and link.

On the outside, it’s not all just the look of a classic, Brennon had functional parts on the mind. As an example, the rear brakes are cool by ducts that run from the vents along the side of the car. Wider fender flares cover the much wider American Racing Shelby wheels and their wide rubber.

After seven years of building, Brennon has crossed the finish line with a classic pushing over 1000 horsepower. This 1968 Mustang GT 500 not only looks the part but is a capable race machine. We’re excited for when he starts hitting tracks and video of his performance starts rolling out. Feel free to hit the comments section to let us know what you think of this classic restored with much more power.

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