1964 Fairlane Project Car Bought And Finished As A Stylish Cruiser With 620 HP

There’s nothing worse for a build project than a stall or a complete stop. That’s why we’re glad that Danny and Diane Shaffer, bought this Fairlane to pick up the torch and finish it. It took a few years to get to the end point but the car debuted at the 2016 Detroit Autorama.

Bringing The Fairlane Up To Date

Originally coming with a unibody from the factory, the Fairlane was in need of a chassis rework. The sport coupe model got an upgrade in the form of a square rail Fast Track pro touring chassis. Four link rear coilovers replaced the originals along with a rack and pinion steering build.

Disc brakes from Wilwood came in to make sure that the modern classic can stop for photo ops. An independent front suspension makes the ride smoother which comes in handy with its increased power.

Engine Update

Taking the place of the 427 FE is a Coyote V8 from Ford Performance that takes it to another level. This 32 valve motor has the assistance of a Roush Stage II supercharger to increase power. The couple says that this puts out an impressive 620 horsepower, a big jump from its former 425.

All of this power once ran through a four speed manual right from the factory but that needed an update to meet the Coyote. A Tremec T56 Magnum takes the 620 horses from the engine and sends it to the rear wheels. Before it gets there, those ponies have to flow through a Strange 9 inch rear end with 3.90 gears.

Exterior Design

In order to bring a more sleek look to this cruiser of a Fairlane, there were subtle changes made to the exterior. The bumpers were sectioned to be able to tuck tighter to the body in the front and rear. The back also got a slight brow added because it added to the shapely look of the body. The blister on the hood also got a little raise because it accented the body shape.

The Fairlane Thunderbolt inspired the air intake inlets which now replace the inner headlights. A Thunderbolt also gave up its rear lights to this project for a sportier style note. The Budnik wheels get compliments through small color strokes on some body trim pieces. As a finishing touch before final paint, all exterior fasteners are hidden from view.

Interior Refinishing

Starting from the dash, a  retrofit of new gauges from Classic Instruments brings the display up to date. The other major electronic improvement is an Alpine stereo system.

From there, a charcoal layer of carpet went down for all floor coverings. The seating and steering wheel are both wrapped in matching charcoal Wollsdorf leather coverings. Refreshed panels compliment the Moss Green body color that makes its way onto the exposed metal in the cabin.

Overall, the Shaffers managed to finish off a sharp looking cruiser with a powerful engine and drivable stance. The soft colors are eye catching in an era when it feels like most things are black and red. The 2016 Detroit Autorama was the perfect place to show off the car for the first time.

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