1955 Chevrolet 210 Hiding 1300 Horsepower Under The Hood

Pro Rides reached a point with this build where they had to call enough on the modifications they were chasing. Their aim was to make a drag track missile in a classic shell and this is what they accomplished. Under the hood of this revised 1955 Chevrolet 210 is a monstrous 1300 horsepower ready to blast down the track.

Reworking the Body

Denny Terzich of Pro Rides jokes that the shell of this car must have come out of a lake. After looking it over, there was only a small portion of the rear quarters and the roof in usable condition. The upside here is a completely fresh start for their rebuild design on their drag missile Chevy.

The reshaped bumper funnels more air into the intercooler with the help of its new splitter. The radiator and brakes get additional cooling thanks to ducts hidden in the bezels of the parking lights.

The sheet metal work that shaped the hood into the aggressive look it has today took more than 250 hours. The fenders and front splash pan were welded together to remove the factory gap as well. This finishes the more aerodynamic and authoritative look to the front end.

The square edges that the original featured were smoothed out to reset the body lines for its new purpose. The roof got chopped at the A pillars and the Bs were leaned to give a more overall wedge shape.

Building 1300 Horsepower Under The Hood

Starting from a 427 cubic inch LSX Chevy Performance block was just the start for a massive power plant. With a new crank and rods as well as thermal coated pistons, this block was well on its way. On top are a set of Brodix BR7 heads as well as LS7 rockers and a new set of springs. A performance camshaft built for use with a supercharger also found a new home here.

With the ProCharger F2 building pressure, there’s 20 pounds of boost pushing the engine to its huge numbers. Coming out with nearly 1500 horsepower at the crank, there’s approximately 1285 that hit the pavement. Pro Rides’ Denny Terzich describes it sounding, “like a jet fighter coming down the road.”

Interior Finish

When it came time to move inside the 210, a combination of performance and an industrial feel inspired the finish. Since there’s not much calling back to the Chevy’s classic roots, they were free to go modern. The aluminum detailing form the exterior came in throughout the interior.

Two weeks went into the roll cage which is hidden almost perfectly against the inside of the body. The result of the interior detailing comes out as very metallic and could almost be a super car’s interior. New leather wraps the steering wheel and seats which also feature racing harnesses for safety.

During the build, the car was dubbed X-BOX which is a spin on another nickname, not a video game reference. The team had some things they wanted to retouch so they missed out on Drag Week in 2016. However, after missing out last year, they’re sure they’ll make it in 2017 so we’re in for some great videos!

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