15 of the Most Outrageously Great Pickup Trucks Ever Made

Trucks overlooked by many, there should of been instant classics

We all know the definition of a good pickup. It’s a sturdy and stout body on frame vehicle with at least some kind of a bed capable of towing cargo. The more cargo it can tow, the better. Some would say it’s what every average pickup has and they’d be right. That’s what pickup trucks were intended for after all. Not to mention the revolution they started in the automotive world when they first appeared.

This list will emphasize on something different. it didn’t take long for manufacturers to figure out they could start experimenting with the pickup truck layout. When they started, they opened up the Pandora’s box. All kinds of awkward pickup trucks started appearing on the roads from seventies onward, and they still do. Most of them are performance versions of their conventional siblings, but that’s not the only way to make an outrageous truck. Some of them are luxurious beyond pickup truck’s usual requirements making them effectively unusable as pickups. Finally, some are so expensive that very few people have the means to buy them. That certainly makes them outrageous. Does it also make them great? I’d say it does. At least in most cases.


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