15 of the Rarest and Most Powerful Classic Muscle Cars

Classic muscle cars you want in your garage but can’t find

It often so happens that rarest of muscle cars crank up the best performance figures at the same time. It’s no coincidence. Performance-oriented cars are generally more expensive and less sought after than those from the conventional lineups. Furthermore, high-end performance isn’t meant for just everyone as it comes with burdens of its own. But, while performance-oriented models are rarer than most of others, even they sometimes don’t fulfill the expectations of all performance car buyers. This is where extremely limited run muscle cars come in. It doesn’t take too much to figure out that extremely limited production also means extreme performance. In other words, some of the fastest and most powerful classic muscle cars were also among the rarest ever built.

Reasons for their inauguration were numerous. Some were introduced with clear intention to stir the market with all the extra power they possessed, while some were meant for drag racing. Others were made in order to propel the new engines into production. You’ll remember that NASCAR homologation rules at the time required at least 500 cars produced and sold to general population before the engine or the car itself became eligible for competition. In any case, here are the fifteen classic muscle cars which were extremely rare and offered extreme performance at the same time.

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Nikola Potrebić
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Although driving a piece of junk, Nikola is a true car enthusiast. Precious few things move him as muscle cars do - especially those from the bygone golden era. Which makes him wonder; why wasn't he born a few decades earlier? Well, at least he's been able to enjoy the likes of Pontiak Aztek, Fiat Multipla, and their "lovely" coevals this way - right? (sigh)

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