12 Car Models Discontinued for 2017 Number 7 Will Make You Cry!

We are ok seeing most of these go but wouldn’t mind a few staying

It’s an annual dance that automotive manufacturers go through trying to determine what in their lineup will yield the most profit and what is dragging them down. Actually it’s not even that clear cut.

The ultimate objective is to maximize profit and the easiest part of that is to dump a dog. However there are riskier decisions that may involve discontinuing a solid performer in order to promote a newcomer with great potential or dropping an up and comer from the brand altogether to give it a chance to stand on its own. These are mega dollar decisions and the reason for so many empty Maalox bottles in the executive suites.

So what’s it mean for you? Well it could mean a real buy on one of the discontinued models. Dealers will be having fire sales to clear their lots and make room for new inventory. Here are a dozen to keep your eye out for.



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