10 Once Illegal Cars You Can Finally Import In 2017

25 year law makes these cars no longer illegal

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Probably the coolest thing about the early 90’s is the availability of street legal rally cars that were very closely related to their stripped-out racing brethren. This is due to a process called homologation. For some race classes, the car used to race by a manufacturer must be a factory-produced car. That means that whoever makes the fastest car for that class, as a factory vehicle, will be able to make the fastest race car.

Pair that with the fact that rally racing was extremely popular and competitive in 1992, and you have the formula for some great cars now available for import to the US. First and foremost, the first year of the first iteration of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (not to be confused with the evolution of Mitsubishi Evolutions, shown below) is now legal for registration.

Americans got lucky with its predecessor, the Galant VR-4, which reached the states in limited numbers. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive any of the Lancer Evolutions until the eighth iteration. Expect a buzz when each model turns 25.

The 244-horsepower 4-door AWD Lancer Evo was a formidable car for its time, and was the only model of Evo to come equipped with a viscous rear limited slip differential. Aside from that, it is the lightest Evo ever produced, specifically the RS model weighs in at a thrifty 2,579 pounds.


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