10 Once Illegal Cars You Can Finally Import In 2017

25 year law makes these cars no longer illegal

McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 is such a legendary and well-known vehicle that most people don’t even realize that it was never made legally available in the United States. Examples of the car do exist here, but none that were imported and registered in the standard fashion. It is possible to import a car to the US that is under 25 years old if the model is deemed significant.

Only 106 F1 models were ever made, so its not like this car will be a bargain. Still, there are so many reasons to want one. The entire vehicle is artfully engineered and achieved performance that would be unmatched for over a decade. With 618 horsepower and a 240 mph top speed, its easy to see why.

It was the first road car to use a monocoque chassis and makes great use of some very exotic materials like carbon fiber, titanium, Kevlar, and gold. If you have 10 million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, consider picking one up for 2017.

2017 is proving to be a great year all around for automobiles in the United States, so why not add a little variety? Now that these cars are legal for import and registration, the only thing separating you from your dream car that never saw showrooms stateside in a hefty shipping bill.


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