10 Once Illegal Cars You Can Finally Import In 2017

25 year law makes these cars no longer illegal

Despite the fact that most of us think of the 90’s as being “like ten years ago”, the truth of the matter is that 1992 is now 25 years in the past. You might be asking: what is the significance of the 25-year mark? Well for automotive enthusiasts residing in the United States, 25 is the magic number needed to legally import and register a vehicle for road use if it was not originally produced in the US.

The reasoning behind this is that the cars were never subject to the strict US guidelines for crash tests (specifically, low-speed collisions have always been stressed more here than anywhere else) and emissions. Therefore they have to be old enough to be somewhat of a classic or a novelty in order to be registered for road use. Many consider this law to be a bit overkill, and the strict enforcement of it has left more than one car lover with a smoldering cube of steel where their illegally registered car previously stood.

Each year, a new batch of cars enters the 25-year club, and American fans rejoice. So what does 2017 bring to this side of the ocean?


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