20 of the Rarest and Coolest Pickup Truck Special Editions You’ve Probably Never Heard About

These Special Edition Pickup Trucks are Hidden Gems

GMC Sierra Mule

Year: 1979

Although “Mule” package could have been ordered with any GMC pickup truck engine (including the sixes) back in the day, very few of them ended up being ordered. The reason for that is; Mule was a regional special only available in Chicagoland GMC dealers, in Illinois. There’s precious little data available on it, and we’re still to see one of these, so we have to assume they weren’t that different from the conventional lineup. Apart from special spoke wheel covers, unique decals and pinstripes, GMC Sierra Mule came with solid oak side rails as its most distinctive detail. It would have been great if one of them actually marched its rear out of some Prairie State barn.


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