20 of the Rarest and Coolest Pickup Truck Special Editions You’ve Probably Never Heard About

These Special Edition Pickup Trucks are Hidden Gems

Dodge D100 “The Dude”

Years: 1970-1971

“The Dude” was present long before the “Adult Toys” and their colorful lineup of custom edition vehicles. “Dude Sport Trim Package” which was its official name, appeared right at the end of Dodge D Series’ second generation. Available with the 383ci V8, “The Dude” was essentially the predecessor of performance-oriented pickups. You could have recognized it by its all-over C stripe in either black or white, unique badging on the rear end of the box, and dog dish hub caps with trim rings. There was also “The Dude” adorning Fargo trucks marketed as Dodge clones in Canada. These were sold by Chrysler-Plymouth dealers only, while Canadian Dodge-Desoto dealers sold Dodges like it was the case in the US. Only between 1,500 and 2,000 Dudes were produced, and there aren’t many of them left today.


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