20 of the Rarest and Coolest Pickup Truck Special Editions You’ve Probably Never Heard About

These Special Edition Pickup Trucks are Hidden Gems

For decades, pickup trucks have been nothing more than straightforward utility vehicles with purpose of providing the helping hand. As time progressed, markets evolved and so did consumers’ preferences. People weren’t satisfied with plain old pickup truck anymore, and they wanted the same level of individuality and pizzazz offered in passenger cars. Thus, special edition trucks entered the fray. Some of them only offered unique colors and badging inside-out, but some offered much more than that, like numerous performance-edition trucks, for instance. Furthermore, some pickup trucks were downright outrageous or even outrageous to the level they were actually great. Whatever it was, special editions were rare then, and they’re even rarer today. I bet you haven’t even heard about some of these. Take a look at what we’ve dug up for you.


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Nikola Potrebić
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