10 of the Best Rebadged Cars Ever Produced

Rebadged Cars Aren’t Always A Bad Thing

Rebadging, badge engineering, cloning, joint venturing, captive imports, platform sharing… Call it whatever you like, but car manufacturers have been borrowing from each other for quite some time now. Whether it’s just badge swapping or something more substantial, rebadged cars have had a great impact on car markets over the years. Badge engineering likely first appeared in mid twenties when Ajax division of Nash Motors Company was discontinued and their only model Ajax was converted into Nash Light Six. Since then, there has been plethora of reasons for such ventures, and seamlessly countless number of rebadged car models. GM, Volkswagen, and Japanese manufacturers are the current leaders in the trend, but pretty much every manufacturer that comes to mind has had its share in badge engineering at some point. Here are 10 examples of the practice we deemed the best.

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Nikola Potrebić
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