1 Million+ Cars Destroyed in Hurricane Harvey

Ferraris, Mercedes, Ford GTs, You Name it…All Destroyed

Hurricane Harvey smashed into the Texas coast and destroyed many cities and towns along the way. The loss of life and homes has been catastrophic. 60 people have lost their lives, 1,000,000 people have lost their homes, and over 1,000,000 cars have been destroyed. While the loss here goes far deeper than just property, a lot of rare and expensive vehicles have been claimed by the storm as well.

The expensive and rare cars always grab our attention, but they are the vehicles to most likely have the best coverage. The loss of value is of course always greater, which makes the pain of seeing them destroyed that much worse, but the sure number of vehicles destroyed in total will go down in history. According to recent reports from Insurance Council of Texas, 15% of cars destroyed will not have any insurance to cover the loss. Of the 85% of owners that do have car insurance, at least to the minimum required by Texas law, 75% of them do not have flood coverage and will not have their car replaced.

Calling all millionaire and billionaire car enthusiasts (or just well-off good Samaritans): hundreds of thousands of people are going to be left without transportation due to Hurricane Harvey. If you are rich and want to find a way to help, start buying out used car lots for victims of the horrendous storm. From the supercars we adore and follow to the 20+-year-old classics handed down from earlier generations, there has been an utter loss across the board. Unfortunately for those who are uninsured or underinsured, it is going to likely be a total loss.

As far as some of the rare and expensive vehicles that have been found destroyed, a Ferrari 458 Speciale valued at $500,000+ seems to be one of the worst. A large portion of the flooded areas have yet to be reentered, and there are likely to be more sad reports like this to follow in the coming days and weeks. Ford and Volvo, amongst others, are going to be offering extreme discounts for Harvey victims. Not only are dealerships trying to unload old stock with 2018 models coming in, but it is a huge opportunity to get some positive attention.

Our hearts, prayers, good vibes, and salutes go out to Texas and the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Surely, if you feel impacted and want to help, there are ways. Not everyone is comfortable donating to the Red Cross, and you do not have to in order to play your part. Keep an eye out, as the battle will continue for months, and many more opportunities to help are going to come up. If you have a spare car to donate, look for an opportunity to do so as well.

As far as the Ferrari 458 Speciale, we can only hope it gets the love and attention it needs to be restored to its former glory. However, any tech knows that severe water damage like that is nearly impossible to come back from. Damage to that extent warrants interior replacement on top of the electrical and mechanical replacements that have to be made. Unfortunately, there is not much “repairing” that can be done, but a lot of “replacing” that will need to happen.

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