$1.3 Billion Toyota Kentucky Investment Is The Start Of A $10 Billion Game

Toyota Kentucky investment will reshape its biggest plant in the world

Toyota plans to invest heavily in the US over the course of the next five years. The total investment will reach staggering $10 billion. Toyota Kentucky investment will reach $1.3 billion as a part of the improvement and update of the biggest Toyota plant in the world – plant in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Toyota Kentucky

Toyota Kentucky investment will dramatically change the outlook of the factory. It will be the first one in the US to complement with the latest Toyota Global Architecture building process. In essence, the factory will easily adopt new technologies and changes in the car building process.

President Trump Praised Toyota Kentucky Investment (sort of)

Up until this point, Georgetown plant produced Camry cars. Interestingly enough, Camry become the “most American car “ built on the US soil. Obviously, this is something our new president wants to see, so after Toyota announced a massive investment Trump had something to say about it.

“Toyota’s decision to invest $1.3 billion in their Kentucky plant is further evidence that manufacturers are now confident that the economic climate has greatly improved under my administration,” president Trump said following the release.

Plant in Georgetown recently employed 700 more workers. As the biggest Toyota plant in the world, it employs 8,200 workers which churn out amazing 500,000 vehicles per year. Actually, they have produced that much in 2016.

Apart from Camry, plant produces “Lexus ES 350 / Camry Hybrid sedan/ Avalon sedan / Avalon Hybrid sedan / 4-cylinder & V6 engines / axles steering components / machined blocks / cylinder heads / crankshafts / camshafts / rods & axle assemblies / dies.”

Apart from our president, Secretary Terry Gill of the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development had something to say: “Its ripple effects will add to Toyota’s three decades of transformative impact on our communities and for our residents across the Commonwealth.”

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