The 2013 Ford Excursion. The Beast is Back!!

Who remembers the Ford Excursion? You know, the biggest road worthy, production SUV ever made? Yeah that one. The Excursion was Ford’s way of saying, “We make Big Ass SUV’s, and are proud of it.” Well, unfortunately due to poor sales, fluctuating gas prices, general non-interest, and pretty much not knowing what to do with something that damn big, the Ford Excursion met it’s demise in 2005. But now after seven long years, the Excursion is back! Sort of.

No It Isn’t.”… “Oh Yes It Is!”

Now if you were to go to the Official Ford website, you WILL NOT find any 2013 Excursions in the inventory. No trim levels, or engine options, or even anything as far as wheel combinations. So what do you do when you must get your hands on a 2013 Ford Excursion? You look up Custom Autos, run, and owned by Tim A. Guthrie, based in Oklahoma. Now you may be thinking, “How does some random guy get new 2013 Excursions when Ford doesn’t even make them anymore?” You see that’s the beauty of it, technically Ford still makes them. They’re just known as F-350 Super Duty pick up trucks. Still confused right? Let me enlighten you a bit.

2006 Ford Excursion


Custom Autos makes, creates, and or fabricates custom made to order 2013 Ford Excursions by means of using the current models of F Series Super Duty pick up trucks as donor vehicles. Then the team at Custom Autos procure a 2005, rust free, Ford Excursion to then methodically perform a skin graph of sorts to the Super duty sheet metal. In layman’s terms, the cut the back half off of the Excursion, and then weld it to the back of the, let’s say 2012 F-350 Super Duty. Any and all wiring, interior panels, 3rd, & 4th row seating, speakers, outlets, and lighting are placed inside the newly welded body. Once complete, the Frankenstein Excursion is painted to Ford’s color specs, and there you have it, a brand new 2012/2013 Ford Excursion. Like I said in the beginning, it’s back. Sort of.


All of this work will come at a price. The finished, and completed job will set you backaround $60,000+Custom Autos 2013 Excursions dollars. It sounds bad, but if you think of where it’s going, it will almost make sense, almost. You figure $30,000 for a decent trim Super Duty, and then plug in the $29,000 it’s gonna cost to perform the surgery, and you will have a very clean, and updated 2013 Ford Excursion that will last for years to come. Now of course you can always go, and get a Chevy Tahoe, or something like that, but what will the Tree Huggers think when they see a brand new Excursion slowly rolling towards them, in all pf it’s 7000pds of gas chugging glory. Aargh!! Aargh!! Aargh!! Sorry about that, I seemed to have channeled a little Tim Allen there. Anyway, you now know where to go, to get you hands on the Beast of yesteryear. The Almighty Excursion.

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